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15 Apr 2019




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Review by George Norman (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 15 Aug 2013

Letting people use public PCs is great; people can surf the web, check their email, get in touch with friends, and so on. What isn’t great is that the public can also access critical parts of the operating system and make unwanted changes. This is where SiteKiosk comes in. SiteKiosk was purpose built for organizations that offer PCs to the public; it doesn’t allow users to make changes to the OS, doesn’t allow them to access certain websites, blocks access to specific programs, and more.

SiteKiosk is available for Microsoft’s Windows operating system, so you can use it to protect public PCs, and for Google’s Android operating system, so you can use it on public tablets. The system requirements for running SiteKiosk on a PC are: 1GHz processor or better (2GHz recommended), 512MB of RAM memory or more (1GB recommended), screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher, Windows operating system, NTFS formatted drive, IE8 or newer.

The setup wizard that helps you install SiteKiosk on a PC allows you to choose one of several supported languages: English, French, German, Russian, and Spanish. The setup wizard also allows you to choose one of two installation methods: Standard Installation (all program features will be installed) and Custom Installation (choose which program features will be installed). And last but not least, the setup wizard asks you if you want to download and install VNC and K-Lite Codec Pack.

The application comes with a Quick Start that allows you to start SiteKiosk for testing purposes, start SiteKiosk automatically under a restricted account, and customize the SiteKiosk start settings. It also comes with a System Security Quick Start that allows you to choose a level of protection for your system. There’s also a configuration tool that will guide you through the configuration process, there’s a smartcard management tool, and last but not least, there’s a keyboard remapper tool.

From a functionality point of view, you can expect SiteKiosk to offer the following: customizable user interface, on-screen keyboards, internet content filter, sessions will be terminated automatically when the PC is idle, block access to the operating system, block access to files and folders, block access to programs, remotely manage your kiosk PCs, charge people for using your kiosk PCs.

There are three SiteKiosk versions to choose from: Basic, Plus, and Pay.

Efficiently protect public PCs by using the properly good tool SiteKiosk.


SiteKiosk is available for Windows and Android. The system requirements for running SiteKiosk on a PC aren’t that high. The setup wizard allows you to pick a preferred language and installation method. A configuration tool will help you with the configuration process. With SiteKiosk you can protect your public PCs quite efficiently. There are three SiteKiosk editions to choose from.


None that I could think of.



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